Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Penny (originally stormy)

We adopted Stormy from the M.A.R.F. last July. She is the sweetest cat ever! Our other cat "Jozie" loves her so much. We named "Stormy" Penny. Penny nibbles on you and she lays on her back all the time. She loves everyone, she never hurts anyone or get angry with anyone. She reminds me of a sweet little golden retriever puppy. Penny smells like sunshine. She loves lays next to you and purrs so loudly when you pet her. When you come in to wake her up shes so excited to see you.
Penny really loves her new home and we are so glad we got her.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

henrietta louise

I Adopted a 10 week old puppy from your organization on May 22, 2010. She is one of Ginger's 12 pups born on 3/13/2010 and her name was Pearl (now Henrietta Louise, named after my dog Hank who passed earlier that year)

It was a bit of s struggle to get my older Weimaraner Silvia on board with the new addition. Silvia had been so bonded with Hank that when he passed away she was deeply depressed. When we brought Henri home she did not want anything to do with her. But Henri is such lovebug and so persistent as you can see from some of the photos i attached that after a few weeks of encouragement, Henri stole Silvia's heart just as she did mine when I met her in Madison. She wears her heart on her side (LITERALLY, you can see in the pic) is known at the dog parks as "Henri with a Heart"  and its hard to believe but one of her other best friends is our dwarf rex bunny named David. She met him the first day i brought her home (pictured) and they remain good pals. Its actually funny that a 2lb rabbit can boss around a 70lb hound, but it happens! She LOVES to watch TV and even interacts with the animals on television. its too cute for words!

2 years later we are back in my hometown of Albuquerque NM with my 2 girls and we are enjoying every minute of each others company. Henri and Silvia are inseparable and they enjoy going rafting, camping, hiking, horseback riding and many other adventures with me. She is so well behaved and actually talks! When i come home from work she howls to me and I may be a bit biased but i think it sounds a lot like "i love you mom i am so glad you are home!"

She can be a bit of a ham. when i am on the phone she tends to steal the conversation. She gets compliments everywhere we go. For this region she is a very striking young lady! People just love her. I might also mention i think she might be the softest dog in New Mexico! people can't keep their hands off her!

I take pictures regularly of the cuteness and have even sent some in that have been published on sites like and

I love my little Henri Lou, thank you MARF for eveeyhing you do. You say saving lives one pet at a time and its true but maybe a bit of an understatement. You saved me and my Silvia too so you can now claim you're saving 3 lives at a time!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Two years ago, on March 6, 2010, we adopted our little Malcolm. What a JOY he has been to my husband and me! (However, I am glad to say that he favors his mommy a little. :)) He started out a little wild, but quickly settled in to complete our happy home. He is so full of life and fun. We have two older rescue dogs who have settled into senior years, so to see Malcolm (or Malkie, as we call him) running and playing is such fun. He can be a definite lap dog, though. Whenever I sit down, he wants to be in my lap until something outside captures his attention. I am here most of the day with him so we have alot of time together. However, when his daddy comes home, he meets him at the door every time. He loves playing with his daddy. Malcom has a big chair in front of the picture window in the great room which holds his dog bed and blankets. I call it "The King's Throne." He is certainly king of the canines in this house. Since my husband and I have no children of our
own, the canine "children" have captured our hearts. I thank God for MARF and for the blessing of adopting Malcolm. Keep up the good work! God bless! Beth Ann Meek (P.S. One picture shows Malcolm as "Superman" with long hair and one shows his summer cut. I prefer his longer hair but he is just as handsome with his summer cut!)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Zena

We adopted our Zena on December 17th, 2011. She was ten months old and very sweet and friendly. I knew immediately that she would be a perfect match for Sandy and Buddy (both rescue dogs).

Even though I knew that she was a perfect match, it took a couple of weeks for Sandy and Buddy to realize that Zena was here to stay and finally started accepting her into the pack. To this point, she seemed confused that they didn't really care for her company. Zena has added simple joy to all of us. Sandy and Buddy, which are no spring chickens, are now running, playing, and having a great time with Zena. She is happy, playful, and seems quite intelligent.

I am so glad that this foundation exists to give such loving, perfect dogs a second chance.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Nothin but a Good Time

Thought I'd pass along that Moose (the canine formerly known as Mufasa) is doing great. He has adjusted well to his new surroundings and has appropriately established himself as master of the sofa. Beyond that he enjoys his hiking trips we go on frequently. Thanks for the work you do and for taking care of Moose till I could find him. I encourage anyone who is looking to adopt. I found a really great dog here.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Saved Each Other

The day before Halloween, I visited Madison Pet Depot with no intention of leaving with anything but information on volunteering and donation needs. Walking up to the door, a beautiful yellow lab caught my eye. She was a little skinny and had a sweet face. I couldn't resist... I asked to walk her around the store. After a few minutes, of happily greeting and licking everyone in the store, she sat down between my feet and I knew that I could not leave her there. She'd decided that I was hers and she was mine. She's been by my side ever since.

Though MARF didn't have a lot of information on her, as she was a new addition to the foundation, she was absolutely perfect: sweet in nature, good with other animals, potty trained, playful, well mannered and happy to be rescued. She has been a blessing to myself and my family. We all love her, take pride in spoiling her and enjoy her love of attention! She loves to be outside but enjoys the comforts of being an inside dog (including her favorite activity: snuggling with her people). She still happily greets everyone that she meets and loves to play with other furry friends. In the summer, she enjoys swimming and in the winter, she thinks that snow was dropped just for her.

She is so happy and grateful for being rescued and I am so grateful for the happiness and love that she has brought to my life. I love my Piper Ann and I don't know what I would do without her.

Please adopt a dog! They'll save you just as much as you've saved them!
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Pet

We had our dog Sinatra for almost eleven years. He was a beautiful solid white Husky with blue eyes. He was a great pet and we were heart broken when he died. We buried him in his favorite spot in the back yard and still visit his grave almost daily. There is not a day goes by that we don't miss him. We decided that we would not get another dog because no other dog could replace Sinatra. We waited for about six months before my husband went to the Madison A.R. F. website. He found a Husky on the site and called about him. There was a lonely feeling in our house without Sinatra and my husband felt like we needed something in our lives. The people who had the Husky were wonderful. They had taken very good care of him while they were trying to find him a home. Apparently he had gotten lost from his family and after about two months of searching for his owners he was put out for adoption. He was brought to our home for a visit to see if we liked him and he liked us.
We loved him from the very beginning. He is black, white and brown with blue eyes and is a lovely,well behaved dog. We are so glad that we contacted Madison A.R.F. We are very happy with Haze. He is as sweet as Sinatra and I think they would have liked each other. I recommend the rescue foundation to anyone. Haze is a real blessing to us.
Greg and Becky Wilson
Madison, AL